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Wrecker (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Wrecker (2015) 1080p

Best friends Emily and Lesley go on a road trip to the desert. When Emily decides to get off the highway and take a "short cut," they become the target of a relentless and psychotic trucker...

IMDB: 3.52 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.52G
  • Resolution: 1920x808 / 25.000 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 13

The Synopsis for Wrecker (2015) 1080p

Best friends Emily and Lesley go on a road trip to the desert. When Emily decides to get off the highway and take a "short cut," they become the target of a relentless and psychotic trucker who forces them to play a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The Director and Players for Wrecker (2015) 1080p

[Director]Micheal Bafaro
[Role:]Anna Hutchison
[Role:]Jennifer Koenig
[Role:]Andrea Whitburn

The Reviews for Wrecker (2015) 1080p

Reviewed byRemo WilliamsVote: 1/10/10

I don't even know where to begin with this movie. The first thirtyminutes (after a pointless and confusing pre-credit scene) is not onlya "remake of Duel" but a beat for beat, practically shot for shot, attimes line for line rip-off of Duel. I mean, despite the fact thatthere is no mention of Steven Spielberg or Richard Matheson in thecredits of Wrecker, the first half of this movie copies EVERYTHING fromDuel. Lines, shots, framing... Like, I'm fairly certain that someonehas grounds for a legal suit here. I mean, if I just remake a completeshot for shot, line for line (plus f-words) remake of a TV movie from40 years ago and basically call it my own work, is that just okay?After copy and pasting the first half of Duel into his Final Draftscript-writing program, hack writer/director Michael Bafaro then got towork on changing the middle of an already excellent movie. The onlydifference in the set-up is that instead of one man on the road alone,it's two completely unlikable girls. They go through, step by step, theexact same beats as Dennis Weaver's character in the original Duel. Andthen, halfway through, when hack writer/director Michael Bafaro has todeviate from the original script for a variety of reasons (among thembeing he's not a very good film maker), he does so by writing out theother girl completely, never to be seen again. ...Then why did hackwriter/director Michael Bafaro make it two girls in the first place?You'll have to ask hack writer/director Michael Bafaro.

So yeah, the other girl disappears and the remaining girl continues toget terrorized. There's some terrible acting, a lot of boring driving,a telephone booth sequence taken whole from Duel, and then iteventually ends with a terrible and lame CGI rendition of the evil towtruck falling off a cliff.

And these are not spoilers. Watching this movie is the spoiler. Itspoiled my evening and my mood. If you haven't seen Duel, go watch itand stay clear of this movie. Unless, for some reason, you want to seethe same script interpreted by someone with a passion for film makingand storytelling (Steven Spielberg) vs. someone who has no clue andapparently has no problem plagiarizing someone else's work (hackwriter/director Michael Bafaro). Then perhaps it could be aninteresting learning experience. Michael Bafaro sucks.

Just for example, real quick.... The entire time you're watchingWrecker, you're like... why don't these two idiot girls just turnaround and either go home or find another way to get to their... stupidski resort or whatever it was. While that makes no f'ing sense here, inthe original Duel, Dennis Weaver has an important work meeting to getto and frankly has no choice but to keep going and hope he can shakethe crazy truck driver. You see, because hack writer/director MichaelBafaro is not a creative person and when left to his own devices, cannot differentiate between logical character motivation and people justdoing things for no reason.

Michael Bafaro sucks and so does this movie. I'm offended by Wreckerboth as a writer myself and as a movie fan. Even if he was given remakerights to Duel (which I don't think he was), that's no excuse for using3/4ths of the script and not even crediting the original writer.

Reviewed byFlowVote: 5/10/10

I don't think Wrecker is the worse out there, I've seen plenty movieswith similar plot, I personally think this one did better.

Will you watch a masterpiece? No! Will you watch a B horror? Surelyenough! If it is a B+ horror or a -, will come down to everyone'sopinion, I for one am satisfied cause I've seen a lot worse. I hadpretty much no expectations, the poster looks cheap, the plot isoverused for its substance, as clearly you can't milk this cow toomuch, yet it managed to create a little story. With the obvious movesfrom other far better movies, but it did try the best it could and itmanaged to present something possibly worth a watch. A watch!

Overall, I played it with no expectations and ended up with a Hehinstead of a Meh. So, all in all, better than expected I guess.


Reviewed bycorey jVote: 1/10/10

if you have never seen Duel (1971) my suggestion is to watch that thanto waste your money going to see this modern day movie or buy it onblue-ray.

Starts off as a typical road movie where two young women are drivingacross the U.S in a Red Mustang. After watching them talk aboutboyfriends for the first part of the movie and seeing endless scenescutting to them accelerating up and slowing back down travelling roadsafter roads they come across a trucker towing a car that they decide toovertake.

The rest basically ends up becoming a game of cat and mouse after. Theyare chased to where one of the girls ends up being taken and her friendis left to chase the truck and ends up being chased down even moreroads.

The woman has so many opportunities in the movie to report what hashappened to people instead babbles like a wreck to just race off downroad after road. Even after getting her hands on a dead traffic copsgun who gets run over she catches up with the truck and points the gunat the drivers door and does nothing, never once thinks to threaten thedriver to get out in order to find out what he has done with herfriend..

This movie has so many flaws it is almost laughable if it was not soboring or even worth a total review.

The plot and whole story line including acting is so weak you feel likeshouting at the screen for gods sake how pathetic is that.

The ending of this movie was so much worse than the beginning

Avoid this movie like the plague...

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