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The Servant (1963) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Servant (1963) 1080p

An upper-class man hires a servant who turns out to have a hidden agenda.

IMDB: 8.08 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.21G
  • Resolution: 1776x1080 / 23.976 (23976/1000) FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 116
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 4

The Synopsis for The Servant (1963) 1080p

The aristocratic Tony moves to London and hires the servant Hugo Barrett for all services at home. Barrett seems to be a loyal and competent employee, but Tony's girlfriend Susan does not like him and asks Tony to send him away. When Barrett brings his sister Vera to work and live in the house, Tony has a brief hidden affair with her. After traveling with Susan and spending a couple of days in a friend's house outside London, the couple unexpectedly returns and finds Barrett and Vera, who are actually lovers, in Tony's room. They are fired and Susan breaks with Tony. Later, Tony meets Barrett alone in a pub and hires him back, and Barrett imposes his real dark intentions in the house, turning the table and switching position with his master.

The Director and Players for The Servant (1963) 1080p

[Director]Joseph Losey
[Role:]Wendy Craig
[Role:]Sarah Miles
[Role:]Dirk Bogarde

The Reviews for The Servant (1963) 1080p

Reviewed byblanche-2Vote: 8/10/10

Dirk Bogarde is "The Servant" in this 1963 film written by HaroldPinter and also starring James Fox, Sarah Miles, and Wendy Craig, anddirected by Joseph Losey.

Fox plays Tony, a wealthy young man who doesn't do much in the way ofwork. There is vague talk of a project or two, but basically he foolsaround with his girlfriend Susan (Craig) and that's about it. He hiresHugo Barrett (Bogarde) as a manservant. Barrett is quiet and efficient,but he makes Susan uncomfortable, and she encourages Tony to get rid ofhim. Barrett brings in his sister Vera (Miles) as a maid for thehousehold, and it doesn't take her long to seduce Tony. He later findsBarrett and Vera in his bed and learns that they're not related -except in purpose.

This is a fascinating, murky psychological drama about seduction, theclasses, and the strong versus the weak, with homoerotic undertones.The servant slowly becomes the master by preying on the vulnerabilitiesof a purposeless upper class playboy.

The John Dankworth score, with vocals by Cleo Laine, has beenmentioned. Frankly, I found it intrusive sleazy '60s music thatcontributes to dating "The Servant." It's a shame, because thecinematography by Douglas Slocombe is exceptional, showing the house asit changes throughout Barrett's tenure and its gradual darkening, andhis use of shadows and odd angles is exemplary.

The acting is tremendous, with James Fox pathetic as the weak-willedTony, and Sarah Miles sexy and vulnerable as Vera, and Wendy Craig isappropriately cold as Tony's fiancé.

But the star is Dirk Bogarde. As a predator of the weak andcorruptible, Dirk Bogarde is fabulous - restrained, sinister,dignified, he gives no doubt who holds the power in the household. Andwhen he drops the manservant act, shirttails hanging out, hairuncombed, and cigarette dangling from his mouth, he's downright scary.Bogarde began a new, non-matinée idol career for himself beginning with1961's controversial film Victim, and his roles would grow more andmore interesting as the years progressed. Bogarde is well-known in theU.S., perhaps becoming increasingly more well-known with his filmsbeing shown on TCM, but it's hard for us to measure his tremendous fameoverseas. It's probably on a par with Gregory Peck's - they were bothpost-war stars who worked into the late '90s. My sister lived inEngland in the '70s, and I asked her if he was big over there, and shesaid, "Uh - YEAH." Definitely worth seeing for the direction, acting,camera-work, and those Pinter touches.

Reviewed byDavid FearVote: 5/5/10

A perfect storm of perversity, pre-Persona identity transference, prole pole-positioning and mutually assured psychological destruction, Joseph Losey's masterpiece immediately transformed the director from has-been Hollywood exile to European auteur.

Reviewed bydavid-pollockVote: /10

If you watch closely you will find that not only does the internaldecoration of the house change (in ways not included in the plot) tobecome gradually darker as Tony is gradually undermined and seduced byBarrett but also the excellent (but very much of its time) soundtrackby Johnny Dankworth & (surely - or is my recollection wrong?) CleoLaine - though the same LP is put on the turntable many times, thearrangement of the same theme is different. (I did not notice this atfirst but found it pointed out in a special issue of the OxfordUniversity magazine Isis at the time the film was released that wasentirely devoted to it.) The film has recently reappeared in England asa stage work: Play without Words, seen at the National Theatre, is(was, I guess, is more accurate) a superb piece of dance theatre inwhich the ambiguities of the characters' motivations, or thediscrepancies between their thoughts and actions, are portrayed byhaving more than one dancer per character. Sometimes only one is seen,sometimes they move in unison, sometimes in separate ways. It isextremely effective.

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