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Tales That Witness Madness (1973) 720p YIFY Movie

Tales That Witness Madness (1973)

A psychiatrist tells stories of four special cases to a colleague.

IMDB: 5.74 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Tales That Witness Madness (1973) 720p

Dr Tremayne is an enigmatic Psychiatrist running a Futuristic asylum housing four very special cases. Visited by colleague Nicholas, Tremayne explains his amazing and controversial theories as to why each of the four patients went mad... cue four distinct tales each with a different set of characters: 'Mr Tiger' tells of Paul, the sensitive and troubled young son of prosperous but constantly bickering and unlovely parents, and the boy's 'imaginary' friend, a tiger. 'Penny Farthing' tells of Timothy, an antique store owner propelled backwards in time by a penny-farthing bicycle in his shop, all the while being watched over by the constantly changing photograph of Uncle Albert, which endangers the lives of both Timothy and his beautiful wife, Ann. 'Mel' tells of Brian, a man who brings home an old dead tree and prominently displays it in his living room as a work of art. His fiery wife Bella soon becomes jealous of the tree, which the husband has lovingly named Mel, and it seems to be ...

The Director and Players for Tales That Witness Madness (1973) 720p

[Director]Freddie Francis
[Role:]Donald Pleasence
[Role:]Jack Hawkins
[Role:]Kim Novak

The Reviews for Tales That Witness Madness (1973) 720p

Reviewed byThe_VoidVote: 5/10/10

Freddie Francis directed a lot of the best omnibus films that Amicushad to offer; but unfortunately, this isn't one of them. It would seemthat the studio was running out of ideas after the likes of The Housethat Dripped Blood and The Vault of Horror, as every story in this filmfeels like an afterthought. The wraparound revolves around a mentalhome, where Doctor Tremayne is showing someone around his variouspatients. We then get treated to the story behind how they all gotthere. These films normally start off with a lacklustre tale, and thisone is no different as the first features a young kid with a tiger.Nothing particularly of note for this tale, except for the fact thatyou'll be hoping it gets better. It does, but only slightly. The secondstory is completely stupid and also rather boring as we follow anantique store owner who gets a penny farthing bicycle and finds thatit's a time machine and he can go back into the past, under thewatchful eye of a painting of 'Uncle Albert'. Again, there's nothingparticularly of note here and the way it plods out is far frominteresting.

The third tale is undoubtedly the best, and is the weird story of a manwho falls in love with a tree stump. Aside from the obvious fact thatyou simply wouldn't bring an old piece of wood into the house (even ifyou are in a film about madness), this story is pretty good; it's funnyenough and interesting in all the right places. It's not enough to savethe film in its own right, but had all the segments been as good asthis one; Tales That Witness Madness would have been a decent film. Thefinal tale is extremely tedious and succeeds only in bring a slow endto the movie. The final tale follows a weird bloke who is involved insome kind of devilish sorcery. I know I won't remember what happenedfor long. These films almost always conclude their wraparound stories,and Tales That Witness Madness is no exception. However, like the restof the film; the conclusion to the wraparound feels a lot like anafterthought and doesn't succeed in bringing any intrigue to a filmseverely lacking in it. Overall, Tales that Witness Madness featuresone decent story and three limp ones, and Amicus have certainly done alot better.

Reviewed byMike-263Vote: 4/10/10

Despite an excellent cast and good production values this (supposed) horrorfilm commits the ultimate sin: it doesn't scare... It's like watching somesit-com level "Twilight Zone" rip-off episode(s)... If you want to enjoythe real thing see one or all of the following:"Tales from the Crypt" (1972)"Asylum" (1972) or"Vault of Horror" (1973)

Reviewed byScott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden)Vote: 5/10/10

Dr. Nicholas (Jack Hawkins) arrives at the insane asylum run by theeminent Prof. Tremayne (Donald Pleasence) to hear his absolutelybizarre theories as to how four of his patients ended up there.

The first is young Paul (Russell Lewis), who lived with quarrellingparents Sam and Fay (Donald Houston, Georgia Brown), and who hadconcocted an imaginary friend dubbed Mr. Tiger. Or is he imaginary?

Next is Timothy (Peter McEnery), whose newly acquired penny farthing -it's a sort of bicycle - is able to transport him back in time, allwhile a leering portrait of his uncle Albert (Frank Forsyth) watchesover him.

Then we meet Brian (Michael Jayston), who frustrates his wife Bella(Joan Collins) by bringing home - and falling in love with (I kid younot) - a tree. A creepy looking tree that seems to be named Mel.

Finally, in the tale that takes up most of the movies' running time,the story of Auriol (Kim Novak) is told. She's having to deal with arebellious daughter, Ginny (Mary Tamm) while entertaining a writernamed Kimo (Michael Petrovitch).

Only the fourth tale, "Luau", has any real kick to it. And it's anappreciably twisted tale indeed. But overall, the segments of "TalesThat Witness Madness" are bland and lack style. A shame, given thatdirector / cinematographer Freddie Francis *could* do solid work inthis format. Things get a little too silly a little too often,especially in the sequence with Brian and Bella, and the endings arerather predictable. Certainly this excellent cast of familiar facesdoes some good work; Pleasence is a pleasure to watch as always. Andthe movies' final moments come complete with yet another twist beforethe end credits start rolling.

However, if you're looking for a good horror anthology from thisperiod, check out "Asylum" or "Tales from the Crypt" instead.

Five out of 10.

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