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Equus (1977) 720p YIFY Movie

Equus (1977)

A psychiatrist attempts to uncover a troubled stable boy's disturbing obsession with horses.

IMDB: 7.22 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Mystery
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.67G
  • Resolution: 1280x694 / 23.976 (23976/1000) FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 137
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 0

The Synopsis for Equus (1977) 720p

A psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, investigates the savage blinding of six horses with a metal spike in a stable in Hampshire, England. The atrocity was committed by an unassuming seventeen-year-old stable boy named Alan Strang, the only son of an opinionated but inwardly-timid father and a genteel, religious mother. As Dysart exposes the truths behind the boy's demons, he finds himself face-to-face with his own.

The Director and Players for Equus (1977) 720p

[Director]Sidney Lumet
[Role:]Peter Firth
[Role:]Colin Blakely
[Role:]Richard Burton

The Reviews for Equus (1977) 720p

Reviewed bychrstphrtullyVote: 8/10/10

One of the most intriguing comments I've heard about this film is that itpales in comparison to the stage production. On the one hand, this is truein that the film loses much of the inventive staging that was inherent inthe play (e.g., convention of having the "horses" played by actors in blackwith horsehead headdresses, the tight focus of the action within a smallperimeter). The problem, however, isn't so much Sidney Lumet's concept ofthe film as it is the limitations of the medium itself -- devices which arestriking on stage simply don't work on film. Indeed, those directors whohave tried to make such conventions work usually end up shortchanging thematerial.

And it is here where Lumet's genius comes in. If there is one thing thatLumet has a feel for, it is the gritty, down-to-earth feel of everyday life. While this usually means New York life, he does a marvelous job in thisfilm of capturing the drab sterility of Dysart's world, as well as that ofthe Strang home. When these are compared to the vivid, almost etherealshots of Alan in the stables or with the horses on the field (also, comparethe striking image of horse and rider on the beach with the remainder of thebeachgoers), we can fully understand Dysart's frustration about "looking atpages of centaurs trampling the soil of Argos" while Alan "is trying tobecome one in a Hampshire field". Alan has found a way to completely escapethe drabness of his world, while Dysart has become sterile trying to findways not remind himself of it. Similarly, the tight perimeter of the stageplay has been replaced by tight focused shots which, more often than not,achieve the same result through a claustrophobic effect.

Likewise, the absence of theatrical staging does nothing to dampen the powerof Shaffer's text, which remains as potent as ever. Indeed, what's oftenoverlooked about this play is that, while the visual images of the stagingare striking, they are, in most instances, completely detached from thecentral thrust of the text, both as a mystery and as a commentary on theconsequences of society's demand for "normality" at anycost.

In this regard, the performances are outstanding. Richard Burton gives oneof his last great performances as Dysart, showing us the literally crumblingfacade of the doctor's spirit, while at the same time giving us a completecharacter (contrast his cynicism throughout with the moments of tenderness,such as those shown to Alan's mother and to Alan himself after the finalsession). Likewise, Peter Firth presents us with a cipher, wrapped up intelevision jingles, who is revealed to us piece by piece through moments ofvulnerability until we see in full force what has made his character committhese horrible crimes. The rest of the cast -- notably Joan Plowright,Colin Blakely and Jenny Agutter -- do wonders with the limited dialogue theyhave to work with.

Put simply, Equus is an astonishing film to watch, provided that you'reready to watch it as a film, rather than as a filmed stage play. For thosewho hold to the notion that only the stage devices can make this play work,I'd advise them not to watch any film adapted from a play, as they'll almostcertainly be disappointed every time.

Reviewed byMattydee74Vote: /10

I watched this film several times as a teenager. It meant a lot to me andaltered many of the concrete ideas I was trying to understand. Its a shamethis film is not more widely available and better known. Its filled withbrilliant performances and a shattering script by PeterSchaffer.

It is hard not to be shaken and stirred by the ideas of this film/play.Itis a powerful indictment of the complexity of the human mind and thelimitsof science in attempting to translate, understand and reform the wild andfantastic reaches of human consciousness. It is a film with so manysubtextsand ideas about the human mind - it encompasses questions of religion,psychiatry, dreams, forbidden sexuality, fantasy, taboos, psychology,youthand history. Well, these are the most crucial in the films narrative.

Equus tells the story of a adolescent's counselling after he commits aviolent, extreme crime. Alan Strang (Peter Firth) has been interned underthe guidance of Martin Dysart (Richard Burton) to work through the issuessurrounding his actions. Alan is clearly disturbed and withdrawn but thedevastating secrets he bears threaten not merely his own family butDysart'sown sense of self and truth. And audiences too.

Its a film noted for its male nudity - which is quite notable - but itstheswirling, subversive ideas which spring forth from this film which make iteven more challenging and provocative. An important, intelligentfilm.

Reviewed bycaspian1978Vote: 7/10/10

This is Richard Burton's most powerful performance. It his his storythat gives the movie's its narration. Although this is the story ofPeter Firth's character and his struggle with his love and connectionwith horses, it is Burton's power that makes this movie deep. Anyone inthe field of psychology and / or therapy needs to watch this movie. Itis a story of ones search of meaning and redemption. Somewhat hard tounderstand at times, this is more than a story about a young man andhis confusion with life and his beliefs. Jenny Agutter is once againpure eye candy. To say she is Posh is beyond fact. Although she has alimited role, her time spent on screen is great. Each time she appears,she lights up the screen with her beauty. Still, it is the power ofBurton and Firth that makes this drama somewhat of a masterpiece.

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