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Baby Driver (2017) 1080p YIFY Movie

Baby Driver (2017) 1080p

After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.

IMDB: 8.037 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.72G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 113
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 754 / 3495

The Synopsis for Baby Driver (2017) 1080p

Baby is a young and partially hearing impaired getaway driver who can make any wild move while in motion with the right track playing. It's a critical talent he needs to survive his indentured servitude to the crime boss, Doc, who values his role in his meticulously planned robberies. However, just when Baby thinks he is finally free and clear to have his own life with his new girlfriend, Deborah, Doc coerces him back for another job. Now saddled with a crew of thugs too violently unstable to keep to Doc's plans, Baby finds himself and everything he cares for in terrible danger. To survive and escape the coming maelstrom, it will take all of Baby's skill, wits and daring, but even on the best track, can he make it when life is forcing him to face the music?

The Director and Players for Baby Driver (2017) 1080p

[Director]Edgar Wright
[Role:]Ansel Elgort
[Role:]Jon Hamm
[Role:]Jon Bernthal

The Reviews for Baby Driver (2017) 1080p

Reviewed byCalum RhysVote: 9/10/10

Edgar Wright remains one of my all-time favourite directors. Why?Because each and every film he crafts reeks of originality, he takes afew similar traits, throws them together, delves down a completelyunexpected route and forms something unique, something masterful. From'Shaun of the Dead' to 'Hot Fuzz' and so on and so forth, each filmfeels like something you think you've witnessed before, but on a wholenew level, something fresh, something alluring, packed withadrenaline... and of course, 'Baby Driver' followed suit.

'Baby Driver' is an utterly engrossing caper-comedy that is (in mypersonal opinion) the finest film to face 2017 so far, I couldn't helpbut smile throughout, from the stunningly executed action scenes andstunts, through to the soundtrack (with an abundance of classic rockand soul tracks) and finally the heavily relatable characters. The lackof disappointment in Edgar Wright's work continues with this masterfulfilm, which is ultimately also one of the coolest films of the pastdecade or so.

Many of the heist films of recent years have been rather disappointingwhen it comes to both story and technical achievement, however whensomething like 'Baby Driver' makes an appearance, it's refreshing toknow that indie films are still taking this planet by storm andshunting the blockbusters out of the limelight. To know that certainproduction companies still trust the creativity of a director over themonetary expectations, and by doing so, unleashing a flurry offantastic independently "driven" films.

I'm gonna finish with this (partially odd) statement / testimonial...when I went to sleep last night, I had odd dreams of car chases andstunt driving to rock classics, and that is thanks to this film, thefact that it stuck with me even when I wasn't fully conscious. That'show much of a damn cool film 'Baby Driver' is... just go watch it, justthrow away your tickets to 'Transformers' and 'The Mummy' etc, and gosee this instead.

Reviewed byDeathstrykeVote: 5/10/10

"Baby Driver" is showy, cliché-ridden and irritatingly self-aware. It'slike that yappy drama society kid at college who is so consciouslytrying to act cool by breaking into song, dancing around chairs,drumming on desks and spitting jokey one-liners with a hand pistolflourish....the kind of person a cynical SOB like me just wants topunch in the throat.

The central premise is about a young, good-at-heart kid forced into alife of crime in order to pay off a debt. The annoyingly slick,Abercrombie-faced "Baby" is not only the fastest getaway driver inAtlanta, we later find out he's also a self-taught music producer,dancer and talented free-runner...are you rolling your eyes yet?

The main mechanic, so lauded by critics, is that everything in the filmrevolves around music, from the editing to the dialogue. Since Baby isconstantly plugged into his i-pod (so, we are told, to drown outtinnitus from a car accident which killed his parents), the filmessentially plays like one giant music video, with nearly everygunshot, tire screech and sassy put down edited meticulously with thebeats or riffs of whatever track is playing during the sequence.

Unfortunately for me, the songs didn't make what was happening onscreen that much more interesting. While there are some splendid carchase sequences (too few in my book), one must endure cringey momentsof Baby miming and dancing to James Brown, dull characters waxingpoetic about song lyrics and saying cliché bull$hit like "Sometimes allI want to do is head west on the 20 in a car I can't afford with a planI don't have". Everyone in the film is pretty, none of the gangstersreally look like gangsters, least of all the Latina 'Darling', whocan't even hold a gun convincingly and is just there to show cleavageand lick her lips at camera.

Imagine the most indulgent ideas from Guy Ritchie and Tarantino's trashbin channeled through a Justin Bieber video. Less style and even lesssubstance.

There are no doubt people who will love it for being a showy piece ofnonsense, and there is some entertaining, high impact action, but it'sfar from the genius some critics are praising it as. I saw it with agroup of youngish people who all agreed it wasn't as good as they'dhoped and that some bits were just plain daft.

Leave your brain at home and perhaps you'll be rewarded...

Reviewed byJack Hawkins (Hawkensian)Vote: 5/10/10

I read an early tweet that described Baby Driver as 'a mix-tape with afilm attached to it' and that proved to be an accurate comment. Thetweeter may have thought this was a good thing, but I certainly don't.

Yes, there are some good tracks and the action sequences are elaborateand frenetic (a little too frenetic, actually), but the characters aredull, unlikeable and bear very little relation to the real world. Isimply did not believe in them, especially Darling, the sassy, kick assstock character that only a fool would consider to be a strong femalecharacter.

Then there's Baby, whose laconic, boyish demeanour makes him a ratheruninspiring protagonist. His romance with Debbie, a cute littlewaitress, is yawn-inducingly clichéd, too.

If you want a stylish heist film that isn't so bloody try-hard, thenwatch Drive. It's an exercise of style over substance much like thisfilm, but it has suspense, atmosphere and characters that couldactually exist rather than blaring music, mind-numbing action and flat,hateful comic book characters.

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