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Adaline (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Adaline (2015) 1080p

Adaline's terrifying visions bleed through from the past and become Daniela's present-day nightmares.

IMDB: 3.41 Likes

  • Genre: Thriller |
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.84G
  • Resolution: 1920x816 / 23.976 (23976/1000) fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 3.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 8

The Synopsis for Adaline (2015) 1080p

Adaline's terrifying visions bleed through from the past and become Daniela's present-day nightmares.

The Director and Players for Adaline (2015) 1080p

[Director]Bidisha Chowdhury
[Role:]Lane Townsend
[Role:]Jeremy Walker
[Role:]Jill Evyn

The Reviews for Adaline (2015) 1080p

Reviewed byMohina Raj GargVote: 1/10/10

I usually don't leave movies midway just because i respect the hardwork put by so many different people to create one. This one was anightmare to watch - certainly not because of the horror content. I amfan of thriller and horror movies. This one was just a draggy movie anddoesn't come in any genre. Scenes were so disconnected and it felt theyhave just put random scenes just to fill in the gaps. Bad script,Horrible direction and overall just a pain to watch.

Reviewed bysarahyearwoodVote: 1/10/10

I have always tried to leave positive feedback. I like the idea ofmaking someone feel good when they deserve it. Unfortunately, I choseto leave feedback that isn't good today. This movie was so bad, I justspent the last half an hour searching for it on Google, finallylocating it on IMDb, and now leaving a review. It was not scary. It wasso boring. I regret watching it.the main character doesn't scream untilthe end. I couldn't tell if this was a murder horror or a ghost horror.Its neither. Its the type of horror where you die from boredom. I'mtrying to post this review, but IMDb wants ten lines. I don't even wantto make the effort, but I feel like other people need to know howterrible this movie was. How did this even get a 7.6 on IMDb!? Thatrating beats Rocky 5. I would rather watch Rocky 5 on repeat for therest of my life than be subject to this movie again. Please, whateveryou do, don't watch this!

Reviewed byalizerghamVote: 2/10/10

If you want to waste 2 hours of your life, you should watch this.Otherwise you will end up saving 2 precious hours of your life that canbring happiness rather than the disappointment that will accompany theending of this movie. Literally I tried to find something from thismovie on which basis I could give it a good or at least average review,but this is not up to the standard of an average movie. I am highlydisappointed in this. If you don't believe me, then go for it. Pooracting skills and poor directions make it even worse. No proper storyline or script. Its seems so childish. A lot effort is missing in thesection because of which it couldn't become that much horror, it shouldhave been.

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